Rusiñol's Gardens

A previous post on Santiago Rusiñol (1861 – 1931) showed a woman before and after taking morphine. But Rusiñol was probably best known for his garden paintings.

He was also a poet and playwright, and he was a member of the Symbolist movement.

While studying in Paris, he hung out at the café Els Quatre Gats with Pablo Picasso and other emerging modernists.

His work is realistic, at least on the surface.

He was interested in the spirit and the emotion that lies hidden behind appearances. 

According to Wikipedia, "He went to Mallorca with the painter Joaquin Mir Trinxet, where they met the mystic Belgian painter William Degouve de Nuncques in 1899." 

De Nuncques is supposed to have said, "To make a painting, all you need to do is to take some paints, draw some lines, and fill the rest up with feelings."